Musicdawn VLOG #1 – 1000 Subscribers – Unboxing vinyl records 45’s

Wow! My youtube channel finally passed the mark of 1 thousand subscribers! It was very hard and long road – and i’m very happy now 🙂
To celebrate it, i’ve recorded first VLOG type of video on this channel revealing what records i’m buying nowadays. I shot video with unpacking of two packages with records that i’ve received earlier this week. One pack with some fresh new releases and second with old obscurities. Almost all 45’s… just one LP in the pack.
As the main audience of my channel are from US and western Europe, i’ve done the video on english… so you can listen my shitty english language. And for me – it was the first time i’ve shoot myself on camera, and i was very shy, so my english was even badder than i thought. But i hope you will enjoy it!

Соул друзья, спешу поделиться с Вами радостной новостью! Мой youtube канал, где я ежедневно делюсь сорокопятками из своей коллекции, преодолел отметку в 1000 подписчиков! В честь этого грандиозного события, я записал свой дебютный влог на “корявом” английском языке! Всем подписчикам спасибо за поддержку! А если Вы ещё не подписались, то добро пожаловать на грувовый огонёк! Keep on diggin’ soul brothers and sisters!

All my subscribers – thank you kindly for your support! Many choones from my crates are still waiting their turn to be published. Keep on digging soul brothers and sisters!

If you enjoy this VLOG please leave a “like” and write the comment to this video. If you have any questions about records from this packs – ask them in comments. Thank you!

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