The Music Men Of Our Generation – Gotta Be A Man / It’s Not Unusual (Sonic) [7″] Rare 45!

Очень редкая сорокопятка неизвестной белой группы из Северной Каролине. Это пожалуй, самая редкая пластинка в моей виниловой коллекции. Купил её в 2012 году. В том году она сменила как минимум 3х владельцев, и в итоге осела у меня. Других копий я в продаже не встречал, да и интернет о ней ничего не знает.
На стороне A записан крутой гаражный соул со стильным грязным гитарным бряцанием и обволакивающей брюзжащей духовой секцией. Некоторые коллекционеры в наше время называют пластинки 60х с подобным саундом – гаражным панком. Не буду с ними спорить – да будет так. До сегодняшнего дня – Вы могли услышать эту сторону в моем итоговом миксе за 2012 год [Musicdawn’s Top 12 45’s 2012 Mix], а сейчас она будет доступна на моем youtube канале.
На бисайде записана сырая и жесткая ковер-версия на хит Тома Джонса “It’s Not Unusual” (1965 год). Я сперва не оценил этот трек и за последние 4 года ни разу не ставил эту сторону. Но сейчас проникся, в ней определенно есть музыкальная энергия, которая найдет своё место в прогрессивном ноферн соул сете!
В 2017м году, мне написал барабанщик игравший на этой пластинке, и приоткрыл завесу тайны над этой забытой группой. Оказалось что группа была из Северной Каролины, а не из штата Теннессии, как я считал ранее. Это был их единственный сингл. А подробнее их история ниже, на английском языке.

Extremely rare blue-eyed mod soul dancer from North Carolina.
The A-side is a great sounding Punk/Garage Rock with some good guitar work and variety of other instruments (including horns). B-side is great pounding garage/northern soul cover version on Tom Jones 60s classic anthem “It’s Not Unusual”. Couldn’t find out any info on this obscure release. If you know anything about the group and when it was released, please let me know.

Youtube making miracles! Christopher Stone who was the drummer on this record, messaged me and opened the veil of secrecy over forgotten “Music Men of Our Generation”. And here goes the story:
“The Music Men of our Generation was formed in 1969 in Dunn NC. They were an off-shoot of the Novas formed back in 1965
Founding Members were: Christopher Stone on Drums, Stephen Klass Bass, Hugh Jackson Guitar, John “Johnny” Tew guitar, Danny Webb Keyboards, and Donnie Gregory vocals.
Various members changed as is usual.
The recording “Gotta Be A Man” was written by Donnie Gregory. We recorded the song in Washington NC at Barny Conway Jr’s studio.
A side note – the day we recorded this song, the Blues/Soul singer Billy Stewart (Summertime, I Do Love you) died in an auto accident on Interstate 95, near Smithfield NC (January 17, 1970). We were caught up in the traffic as they pulled he and the band out of the river in the black Cadillac they were driving.

The track featured Barny Conway Jr on keyboards, Danny Marbell Jr on Sax and a couple of horn players I did not know and cannot remember their name.

Christopher Stone went on to join the US Navy and then toured the country on drums for various National Country Recording artists. He currently is retired, but still plays the drums with various bands in the Detroit Michigan area.
Danny Webb joined the Army and still plays keyboards in the NC area.
John Tew joined the US Army and now lives in the Boston Area.
Hugh Jackson joined the Army and now lives in Dunn NC, performs with various local shows on a regular basis, now known as one of the best steel guitar players in NC.
Stephen Klass also joined the US Army, earned a Divinity degree and served as a church pastor for many years. Currently he sells Insurance in NC.
Donnie Gregory helped form the regional band RENO playing rock/top 40’s music. Currently he lives in the Hickory NC area and manages a night club.

The Music Men performed in the NC, VA, SC, GA area for several years as a cover band. We mainly covered Rock/top 40 records. Gotta Be A Man was our only attempt at recording and song writing.”

The Music Men Of Our Generation - It's Not Unusual, Sonic 45
The Music Men Of Our Generation – It’s Not Unusual, Sonic 45

Исполнитель / Artist: SThe Music Men Of Our Generation
Сингл / Single: Gotta Be A Man / It’s Not Unusual [7″]
Лэйбл / Label : Sonic # SR 1003 [Rite Pressing]
Год Издания / Released: 1970 – according to RITE pressing matrix dating guide it was released during 1970 (probably in the beggining of 1970).
Направление / Genre: Гаражный панк рок, голубоглазый соул, ноферн соул | Blue Eyed Soul, Garage Punk, MOD

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Tracklisting / Трэклист:
A. Gotta Be A Man

B. It’s Not Unusual

Ripped from original 45 and posted by Musicdawn 23.03.2016

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  1. I wrote this song in 1969, We record it on 1-17-1970. I live in Clemmons,NC and still playing music in my church. Thanks for letting people hear this 45 again

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