Musicdawn VLOG #2 – 2000 Subscribers – Youtube Recommendations – Unboxing 45’s packs

Ура соул товарищи, на моем канале 2000 подписчиков и более миллиона просмотров!
В честь такого мегазнаменательного события, я созрел для записи своего второго влога на ломанном английском:)

Hello soul friends! I’m Denis the man behind musicdawn channel. I wish to thank you all for the support. My youtube channel passed the mark of 2000 thousands subscribers and over 1 mln views!

So I decided that it’s about time to shot second VLOG video.

First I want to tell what stays behind this number of 2000 thousand subs.
It took me about 8 months to get second thousand of subs, 8 months of everyday work – ripping 45s / making videos / uploading and describing them – piaring videos in social webs – that’s a huge amount of my lifetime wasted… But I’m happy with what I’m doing – sharing the music that’s almost forgotten and I think it should get the one more chance to find new audience. I hope you enjoy the 45’s that I’m sharing. And if you do – please support my work and don’t forget to leave likes and comments – it is very important for me.

That’s it – intro is done:)
But before unboxing the packs with 45’s that I’ve received recently. I wanna do one more thing!
I want to tell you about several YouTube channels that you may like… if you love my channel.
It’s not any kind of commercial advertise, seriously. I’ll leave all channel links in the video description.

First channel – is the channel of my good online friend Alex Sinkopin – it’s his pseudonim… and I still didn’t know his real name. He’s the dj and collector of 45’s. We communicate with him for 7 years – spending hundreds hours of talking about collecting rare 45’s and online digging. But we still never met in the real life. I hope we will fix it someday.
Now he change his living place from his hometown (russian city Ekaterinburg) to Russian soul capitol Saints-Peterburg. Right now he is almost stopped buying records because of financial difficulties in life… But you know it’s very hard to stop digging. Now he is hardly trying to become a rich bitch so he can return to serious 45 rpm business. And btw he still have some gold 45 joints in his playbox and djing from time to time. His channel is abandoned these days. But I hope he will return soon and share some of his rare gems.

Second channel is the from my soulbrotha Dima Alevsky – very kind a soulful man from SPB. He is collecting sweet crossover and modern soul records and spinning em inda clubs. Together with Igor Trick and Edward Shum he is one of creators of “In the name of soul” and “Slowly but surely” soul parties. He invited me to play on one of “In the name of soul” parties 2 years ago – and you know – that’s a freaky long and high cost trip – it’s about 4 thousand kilometers from Novosibirsk to Saint-Petersburg. And Dima also was very kind to invited me to live in his home while I stayed in Saint-Petersburg. Man you’re awesome! The party was superb and seriously it was best event in my dj career.

Thank you Dima, I hope we will repeat it sometime. His YouTube is young – Dima sharing tunes from his record collection – only the ones that were not presented on YT before.

Third channel is the real beast! It called Gasmask Headhunter – and the person behind it – is on the pinacle of record collecting! This soulbrother from United Kingdom has been collecting rare soul 45s his entire life and he began it in the early 70s (I don’t know exactly – so man you can correct me if I’m seriously wrong). And now he has a collection that all top DJs envy. And he is just a no one know guy… If you love northern soul and deep funk music – just check out his rarerest of the rare playlist. His playboxes are full of thousand pounds value 45’s and buy some kind of world injustice his channel still have only 5 hundred subs…. It should be way more. So lets fix this problem together!) Just check out his selection – this kind of 45s inspires me to keep on digging!

And last channel I want to recommend for today is from another UK DJ – Wayne Fatshoolaces. He’s one of the founders of Dynamite Soul parties. Where the heaviest and rawest northern soul and deep funk joints being played. And his channel representing that kind of music from his playboxes – rare 45’s from Late 60’s/early 70’s Funk, Soul with heavy & dope drumbreaks – cool shit!

And now the unboxing. I’ve received 3 packages with 45’s recently – and in fact that’s the first records I’ve bought this year… my previous record buying was in last October. I’ve buyed 45’s as a crazymen for several years from 2010 till 2014/ I’ve spend almost all my money on 45’s – so I still have lots of 45’s in my crates that are waiting their moment to be uploaded on my youtube channel. But nowadays I have a lovely wife and sweet little daughter – and all money goes to feed and take care of my family. And I’ve stopped djing (hopefully it’s a short break) – so don’t need that amount of tunes in collection and I’m buying records only if I’m selling some older 45’s. And when I’m accumulate couple hundred bucks from my salelists – I go digging!

First package is from Milwaukee – from Andy Noble. He is the leader and bassplayer in great soul-funk revival band The kings Go Fourth. Great group – I have their only LP and couple of their 45’s. But I still want and didn’t get their best one and most valuable 45 – called “One Day”. Andy also is the experienced record collector and record dealer. But this pack from him is the loosers pack. I’ve tried to win another 45 from him and bid on this two just to add them to order, so that I don’t need to pay for international delivery of one record. But as it often happened – the one I want – went for big amount of money I couldn’t afford – and I’ve win just this two that I really didn’t want very much. But anyway – these are not bad records – in fact they are good – but not very rare.

Second pack from NEY York – from top record dealer Asaf Segal. And it have four records inside. And one of them is the WOW item – that i think i was very lucky to win.

Last pack is from North Carolina – Carolina Soul as you see on the branded scotch. He is another top player in the record dealing business. Well his not the one – there’s a big crew behind him/ And these guys have offline record store in Durham NorthCarolina. As you see it’s the biggest pack of the day. Let me show you what’s hidden inside…

First Musicdawn VLOG Video:

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