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The Qualitons – Plutonium / One Man Song [Tramp] Mint-


Убийственный дип фанк ревайвл 2-сайдер перегруженный грувом и брейксами от венгерской группы The Qualitons. Лучший 7″ новодел релиз Tramp Records, имхо.

Loads of fast-riffing guitar on this one – starting the tune up like a buzzsaw, and recorded with a great sort of echo – which really gives the whole track a classic funky 45 feel! And speaking of buzzsaw, there's some moogy bits that blast into the mix too – sounding almost like a drill in the background, and making for a mighty unique bit of deep funk that almost reminds us of Bruno Spoerri's industrial grooves! “One Man Song” has a bit of noise too – some weird electric echo that moves along with the drums, creating a cool space funk groove, with echoes of Peter Thomas' late 60s genius!

The qualitons is a new band from budapest, Hungary. The band was named after the living memory of the hungarian recording company “qualiton” – a label name, which exsisted between the late 50's and 70's.
those records were able to bear the spirit of the eastern block along with the western impacts of the language of dance music.
The band was founded to cultivate the musical heritage of the authentic instrumental sounds of those ages. first we played covers of the heaviest hungarian 7 inches and classic soul beat songs on the repertoire. now that we feel the connections of musical roots better, our band – the qualitons – presents all this originating either in the east, the west, the north or the south – with its own tracks today!

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The Qualitons – Plutonium / One Man Song
Состояние / Condition: Mint-
Лэйбл / Label: Tramp Records # TR 1018
Формат / Format: Винил / Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM
Год издания / Released: 2010
Стиль / Style: Дип Фанк Ревайвал | Deep Funk Revival

The Qualitons – Plutonium (рип с предлагаемой копии / Youtube video with full rip from current copy):

The Qualitons – One Man Song (Аудио с официального канала лэйбла / audio from official youtube channel of the label):

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